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Even if you're not a "numbers" person confidently fix your finances with DIY Accounting, Tax, and Profit Planning inside The Profit Path™.


It's Time To Put Your Financial Priorities In Order

With The Profit Path™ program you'll Learn-and-Do online how to DIY your accounting using Xero (or plug in your own software here!) and FINALLY understand your numbers so you can build an online financial powerhouse.

Accounting + Bookkeeping

Learn the accounting basics.... and the advanced ones unique to Amazon FBA, eCommerce, and Online Business.

Income Tax Minimization

The best strategy for tax prep starts with a rock-solid set of books (hello accounting!) and understanding what you must know about tax.

Profit Planning + Strategy

Understanding your numbers and managing cash doesn't have to stress you out or crush your soul and we help you learn exactly how!

The time to make decisions about the money is BEFORE it shows up. 

3 Reasons Your Business Hasn't Created Your Desired Profit..... Yet

1. You don't know what you don't know. Not knowing means can't do.
2. You are not clear about your personal money needs and purpose.
3. You don't control your money or your business, they are leading you.

"It was so nice to talk to an accounting/bookkeeping team that understands online businesses, systems, email management programs, etc. These guys ‘get’ online business… and they’re accountants!"

Ashley Lurcott

A Proven Success Path To Profit

The Profit Path™ is MORE than DIY Accounting, Tax, and Profit Planning.
You need systems, facts, planning, and strategy to make the jump to profitability.
Our Success Path To Profit takes you on a journey in FIVE distinct phases.

The time to impact tax is BEFORE the end of the year.  #TheBottomLine

12 Modules And 2 Journeys

Modules 1-7 below are The Essentials to give you Core knowledge.
Modules 8-12 are The Mastery lessons you need to grow profitably.
You can choose Journey 1 or 2 - it's YOUR Success Path to Profit!

Commit To
Your Success

Learn-And-Do Essentials
A Heart To Encourage You
Simple Starts Are Smart
Current v. Historical Updates
Integrations and Best Practice

Know Your
Accounting System

Learn-And-Do Essentials
Tour Your System Navigation
Your System Chart of Accounts
Your System Files + Documents
Your System Contacts + Groups

Know Your
Accounting Basics

Learn-And-Do Essentials
Managing Bank Accounts
Reconciling Sales Deposits
Reconciling Bank Transactions
Bank Reconciliation Reports

Your Revenue

Learn-And-Do Essentials
Reporting Your Sales
Amazon FBA + eCommerce
Online Business + Services
Affiliate + Other Revenue

Know Your
Financial Workflow

Learn-And-Do Essentials
Bi-Weekly Bookkeeping
Monthly Account Review
Quarterly Financial Close
Your Fiscal Year-End

Know Your
Financial Facts

Learn-And-Do Essentials
Setting Up Financial Reports
Balance Sheet Walkthrough
Income Statement Walkthrough
Cash Flow and Profit First

Documents That
Protect You

Learn-And-Do Essentials
Audit-Proof Your Business
Vault-Worthy Documents
Everyday Business Documents
Payroll and 1099 Documents

Keeping Your Biz
Street Legal

Learn-And-Do Mastery
Income Tax Filings + Compliance
Your Annual Reports + Notices
Understanding Nexus + Sales Tax
Meeting Minutes That Protect You

Stress Less
Tax Prep

Learn-And-Do Mastery
Know Your Tax Forms + Filings
Checklist for Schedule C Filers
Pass-Through + Corporate Filers
Personal Income Tax + Rentals

Operations That
Scale + Sell

Learn-And-Do Mastery
Planning With The End In Mind
Legally Protecting Your Assets
Growing From a Team of One
Knowing Key Business Metrics

And Grow

Learn-And-Do Mastery
Profit First with Certified Pros
PREP To Achieve More Pay
PLAN For Play and Profit
PROFIT For Peak Experiences

Online Growth
And Milestones

Learn-And-Do Mastery
Lay or Rebuild The Foundation
Achieving $30-$50k NET Income
Your Advanced Tax Strategies
Rapid Growth and Things To Know

"TBL understands online businesses and entrepreneurs, they were already familiar with my e-commerce business which is refreshing. They get it! They are my accounting software gurus, accountants, business coach and mentor all while making me feel like part of their family. Customer for life! "

Jose Escobar
Doubloon Distributors, LL

The Profit Path™ is backed by the Finance, Tax, and Profit Pros at The Bottom Line® CPA and DigiTax Pro™.  We are an award winning team of Certified Profit First Professionals.  

Our mission is clear.... to have fun and serve the Dreamers, Starters, and DIYers of the Online Business World. 



The Profit Path™ is MORE than accounting, organized for Learn-and-Do, and designed to reduce financial overwhelm for Amazon FBA, eCommerce, and Online Business.



Learn-and-Do At Own Pace
($597 value)

Lifetime DIY Access Modules 1-7*

TPP Bonus + Content Upgrades

100-Days Access to ProfitHERO™




Foundations Startup Package
($1,297 value)

Lifetime DIY Access ALL Modules*

TPP Bonus + Content Upgrades

6-Months Access to ProfitHERO™

1 Profit Breakthrough Session


"Entrepreneurship and owning your own business is a roller coaster of ups and downs. There will ALWAYS be good times and bad. This is why we are most proud of switching to the Profit First method of accounting with The Bottom Line CPA! We are spending less than we make, watching our money grow, and our business is financially secure. "

Shane + Jocelyn Sams

Frequently Asked Questions

We wanted to make sure that no matter how you opted into The Profit Path™ Program (for TPP Essentials or TPP Mastery), you had the help you needed. This is why we provided 100-Days access to ProfitHERO™ in TPP Essential and SIX Months for TPP Mastery enrollment. 

ProfitHERO™ is our monthly DIY Mentorship program that is MORE than accounting.... it's ALL Business and access will be granted inside client portal. 
ProfitHERO™ provides you with:

~ Unlimited Ask The Pro
~ Monthly Group eMentoring
~ Weekly Profit Partner Meetups 

If you enroll for TPP Mastery, you'll also receive ONE Profit Breakthrough Session with one of our Certified Profit Pros to help you craft the journey you need for your Profit Breakthrough!  The bottom line?  We are invested in your success!

You remain part of the family and your lifetime access to The Profit Path™ continues with content upgrades at no additional cost.  Lifetime is as long as we are here!

Your access to ProfitHERO™ will expire but you can continue your Mentorship for a low monthly fee.  

The Profit Path™ Program helps you DIY your accounting. We use Xero accounting software to demonstrate all the how-to.

However, Xero is NOT required because TPP trainings are universal so you can make them fit your systems and opt to use or update any software you like.  We can serve you better with the accounting how-to in Xero ---- but the information is relevant to ANY software or process you want to use.  You can learn about Xero Plans and Pricing HERE.  

The real benefits to having The Profit Path™ for you and your team are:

  1. knowing how to create / implement financial processes;
  2. make financial decisions that profit you and minimize tax;
  3.  learn about what you don't know you don't know, and;
  4. have a team of professionals help you keep more of the money you earn.  

YES!  Lifetime is for as long as we exist and The Bottom Line© CPA has been in business since 1996.  Our plans for the future have us in service for many more years to come!

We opted to make your access to TPP, and the Bonus materials and Content upgrades, lifetime because we are in this with you for financial transformation --- we're not just here to teach you a few things and then move on with life.  

Our vision and heart for The Profit Path™ is that it grows into a living Resource Library for you and your team, playing a nice compliment to ProfitHERO™, our all-access monthly mentorship.

Partnership is a two-way street and we want to do our part by making sure you have the resources you need to start, build, AND grow!  You contribute by taking action and staying engaged.  :)

No, The Profit Path™ isn't just a DIY how-to bookkeeping course.  First, it involves walking through advanced accounting exercises, not just bookkeeping.  There's a difference!

We created TPP to care for the ENTIRE business owner by discussing things like asset protection, audit prevention, income tax minimization, cash management, team building, workflow, operations, exit strategies, goal setting, financial analysis, and more.  There's way MORE than accounting inside The Profit Path™. 

Browse through the 12-modules we provide HERE.  

We also created TPP so you OR a member of your team (in place now or as you grow from a Team of One) could actually have the training resources needed to effectively delegate some of the financial activities, like day-to-day bookkeeping, document retention, and correspondence management.  

Our goal is NOT to turn you into a full-time bookkeeper, accountant, or tax preparer --- but you can resource or delegate what you do once you KNOW IT first.  You cannot outsource your way out of all the things TPP covers --- to do so would be to your financial detriment as a business owner. 

The ideal situation (when it's time to stop bootstrapping and delegate or outsource) is that you KNOW how things should walk and talk.  Let us give you the resources you need inside TPP to set up, grow, and scale!


Yes. Tax Preparation, Planning, and Strategy services are provided through our sister company at DigiTax™ Pro. You can learn more about the services our DTX Team offers through your portal. They also provide Business Entity Strategy and Business Entity Setup.  We absolutely have you covered in the area of tax, especially inside the TPP Mastery modules.

Inside The Profit Path™ Program we are always building tax into the conversation in the modules that lend itself to that need.  We also dedicated an entire module around the basic tax prep needs and questions along with diving into advanced tax strategies to keep in mind as your financial milestones are achieved. 

We do want to make sure you know what you don't know so are protected and can save money wherever you can... especially when it comes to reducing tax and keeping more of the money you earn!

The Profit Path™ Course Portal

You'll find what you need to Learn-and-Do easily accessible, whether diving in on your desktop or on-the-go. The goal is for your initial setup and walkthrough to happen in the First 30 Days with a 100-Day journey and beyond ahead of you!


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